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For this method the test indentation size that of the Vickers diamond is not evaluated optically but measured electronically when the corresponding test load is reached. When testing vision measurement systems manufacturers of corrugated rollers, there is sometimes only a very small area available on the radius of the corrugation for an exact, reproducible hardness test. It is therefore essential to position the hardness test probe very precisely on the head radius of the profile. C. ASTM shall use reasonable efforts to make online access available on a continuous basis.

Metallographic Sample Cutting Machine

To calculate the Rockwell hardness number, the measured difference between the first and second indentation depth measurements, h, is used. This ensures the contact of the sensor and the measured object to be a four-part boundary value problem that can be analytically solved in an approximation sense. For a specific sensor, it is found that the elastic modulus can be completely determined by the spring stiffness and the force ratio between the total force acted on the sensor and the spring force.

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The probe has a vibration bar a 136-degree diamond at the end or also known as a Vickers. The vibration bar creates the ultrasonic vibration and hence the name of the test. The measurement probe is positioned by hand during mobile hardness testing and is then pushed down onto the material, either manually or by a motor depending on your tester model. After 1 second , the measured hardness values will be displayed digitally and saved.

This model is specially designed to measure Ethyl Alcohol % used as a sanitizer. Simple Calibration——Save 20 groups calibration data for invoking, improve calibration efficiency. An immunological method for quantization of Hevea Natural Rubber proteins using rabbit anti-HNRL serum.

Extremely versatile, with many options and configurations to handle all types of hardness tester applications. There are two basic methods of portable hardness testing that is accepted in the field today. The Equotip 550 UCI is a flexible UCI hardness tester for fine-grained material with any shape and heat-treated surfaces. The Equotip 550 features a rugged touchscreen with enhanced software features and analysis functions.

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