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He was featured in the popular Hollywood film titled “North Shore” which debuted in 1987. After Los Angeles Surf Lessons of professional surfing, he retired and decided to start a surf school. After we push you into the wave you’ll hear us yell excitedly “stand up! ” You’ll then use the technique we taught you on land to stand up on your board.

Time of Day

We were a bit worried about the weather but the wetsuits kept us super warm and comfortable too. Adam doesn’t know this but I proposed right after we got back from our surfing class. So Adam, thanks for brightening our day and setting up one of the most memorable moments of our lives!

The final stage of white waves, in this lesson we will focus on some new maneuvers. Cerritos Beach is a privileged site in Baja California Sur. Relax and rejuvenate with yoga classes, massages or spa experiences.

Just let us know that you cannot swim and we will provide you with a life vest and make sure you surf where it’s shallow. A family-owned business with over 25 years of experience. We recommend you wear a bathing suit – with the least amount of material the better. To take advantage of this special discount, drop by or give us a call! Please note that this discount CANNOT be applied to bookings made online. Take-off and surf attempts, instant feedback, short breaks for rest or individual coaching.

Private Lessons

The teachers were really nice, really patient, and the kids loved them. There were two teachers for 4 kids, though I don’t know if it’s always such a small group of kids, as it was the end of summer vacation. The teachers and the owner were very helpful, very prepared, had a nice canopy for shade, seating, drinking water, and sunscreen for the kids and their families. Since we are a surf school founded by a former professional surfer you can also sign up to get surf lessons with a professional surf instructor.

We will always work with you to set the day/time you request but also maximizes your surfing time. All Private Surf Lessons are 75-minutes as we feel this provides ample surfing time. If you would like to book an extended lesson for a large group, corporate event or birthday party, we can absolutely accommodate you.

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